Just before the pandemic we conducted a pilot of the Gifted for Action™ Experience (Part 1), an interactive, experiential and practical vocational leadership development programme, for Christian believers who want to discover their purpose and desire to do more for God through their lives. 

As you can imagine, the pandemic impacted businesses in many ways, and like other training and development businesses, our transition to full online delivery was accelerated.  The experience really made us think about training delivery in the online space, and more specifically, what we needed to do if we wanted to continue to provide exceptionally high quality, practical, experience-based training but in an online environment. 

“On a personal note, I want to say thank you to the commissioning charity organisation and to all the participants of the 2019 to 2021 pilot programme, it was an absolute privilege to work alongside you and serve you, even more so during the difficult circumstances of the pandemic.”

We listened to the feedback from participants both during and after the pilot programme and have completely overhauled the way in which participants access and engage in the Gifted for Action™ Experience programme, as well as our other personal and leadership development programmes, now and in the future.

What makes the Gifted for Action™ Experience different?

The Gifted for Action™ Experience incorporates a number of interactive eLearning modules, video webinars, online discussion opportunities, peer learning partnerships, coach-mentoring email, phone and video support, to create a dynamic online learning experience.   The Gifted for Action™ programme captures the experiential and interactive nature of proven classroom delivery and translates this into a convenient and cost-effective delivery system.   We deliberately weave key principles from our leadership development model, the Experiential Leadership Pyramid™ into our design process, so that we provide a value proposition that delivers a unique paradigm in practical Christian leadership development.

What does our New Approach look like?

Previously, there were 2 ways to access the Gifted for Action™ Experience.  Gifted for Action™ Experience – Part 1, which guided participants through 5 modules; followed by Part 2, which incorporated the final 5 modules of the Gifted for Action™ Experience.  Participants were also invited to undergo a 360° Feedback process as part of the programme.

Our programme has been re-designed to provide potential participants with different ‘levels of engagement’, and find their route into discovering (or re-discovering) their purpose.   The new approach will allow you to choose to engage with the topics that you are interested in; it will be easier for you to fit the programme around your existing work and life commitments; and will support you wherever you are at in terms of your Christian walk.

We are so excited to offer a great learning experience that is designed to give you more than just the opportunity to learn about your purpose, our new approach enables you to:

  1. Embody and INTEGRATE biblical principles as you take positive steps to DISCERN and define your specific Kingdom purpose.
  • Incorporate the ‘we’ (collective learning) with the ‘me’ (personal reflection and application) as you explore, SURMISE what your Spiritual Gift Mix comprises, and then CONCLUDE what you are supposed to do with the gifts that God has given you.
  • Develop a ‘can do’ and positive OUTLOOK that ensures VICTORY over the negative situations you will face as you worship God and EXPRESS His love through your life and work.
  • Cultivate a level of RESILIENCE and ENDURANCE that will sustain you, and fuel you with the DETERMINATION required to fulfil the unique call on your life to serve.

The first, or entry level point into the Gifted for Action™ Experience, will be a 90-day programme consisting of 3 modules, called the Divine Mission Mandate™.

The Really Exciting News…

We will be launching the entry level point into the Gifted for Action™ Experience, with a FREE, 3- Day Divine Mission Mandate Challenge, starting on Wednesday, 26th October, 2022.  So, sign up to our newsletter to hear about this free 3-day challenge first, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to look out for more information on how you can register to attend the live webinar and/or access the recording of the live webinars to watch at your earliest convenience.

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In the meantime,

Stay blessed,

Oenca Fontaine

Online Leadership Academy

Creator of Gifted for Action™

Author, Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Consultant