Workplace Ministers Academy

Programme Course Summary

The Workplace Ministers Academy course has been designed, over 8 modules, to help students understand and relate to the biblical understanding of God’s intention and Christ’s ideology for work, the workplace and trade.

It will guide students through the process of understanding their spiritual gifting, hearing from God to know their calling, developing their own spirituality and making decisions in line with Christian ethics.

It will enable them to clarify their purpose then develop a mission and vision to fulfil it.
The course will give practical guidance to understanding destiny and help students to move into it, so that they can ‘walk out their calling’.

The spiritual environment within which humans operate results in challenges that need to be overcome, both naturally and supernaturally, and students will learn how to remove mountains or climb them to higher heights.

It will give students the opportunity to explore strategic business planning and gain insight into the strategies of God in their context so that they can enter the area of business that God has ordained for them and successful ‘take the land’.

It will give students the opportunity to explore Biblical Economics to enable them to successfully manage the wealth that God releases to them and see the transformational impact in the communities within their sphere of influence.

Students will explore how their sphere of influence overlaps with others giving them a fuller understanding of the outworking of God’s plans and purposes on earth.

Once students have entered their ‘Promised Land’ of the trade that God has prepared in advance for them they will be guided through the process of building their business profitably and sustainably, becoming proficient at reflecting on their journey to facilitate continued personal, professional and business growth.


Keith Tripp

MBA, MA, DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer

Keith is a committed Christian with a passion for helping people fulfil their God given purpose. His experience spans International Business Management, Business start-ups, Church Leadership, Property Investment and Theological Education.

Learn Together

Every step of the way you will be working with other students to create the most immersive learning experience possible online.


To mobilise God’s people to occupy and govern the trading land that God has ordained for them through training, mentoring, coaching and connecting related business visions, to facilitate the activation of God’s strategies, releasing the treasures of darkness into God’s Kingdom to deliver Community Transformation Globally.


To incubate, develop and inspire God’s people who are called to operate within the Workplace and Marketplace to raise their Christian profile, increase their effectiveness and expand their connectedness within the Body of Christ, through a recognised Global Workplace Ministers Platform that they can stand upon through ordination, so that they can fully fulfil the works that God has prepared in advance for them.

What is a Workplace Minister?
The best way to describe a Workplace Minister is to say that they are people who feel called by God to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness in the workplace. In the same way that a Pulpit Minister, in the local church, is called to demonstrate God’s love, to lead people to a relationship with God and help them to grow in God to fulfil their vision and purpose, a Workplace Minister has the same responsibility in the workplace as they fulfil the workplace role that God has prepared them for.
Who would benefit from studying the Workplace Ministers Academy Course?
Any Christian who feels called by God to work in the workplace and desires to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness in that workplace. So, where ever God has called you to work with Him, in hospitals, businesses, areas of commerce, law enforcement, offices of trade, local and central government, science and technology, education, manufacturing, retail elements, in fact all elements of a functioning city, this course is for you.
What benefit will I gain from studying for the Workplace Ministers Academy Course?
More than 85% of all Christians know that their purpose and their vision from God lies outside working for the local church. Unfortunately, few know how to release that vision and walk in it successfully. We do, through this course, will help you to hear from God, understand your calling and start to live in the miraculous power of God in your workplace.
Is there a minimum entry requirement?
No, but clearly a strong desire to study is required because although the course will be geared towards practical application there will be some theological and biblical studies included in the course.
Are there any Scholarships or Bursaries available?
At the moment the answer is no, however, it is hoped that as the course develops there will be some funds available to help those who are unable to afford the full cost of the course.
Am I able to get student finance for this course?
Unfortunately, because this is not a university validated course there is no student finance available, however, we would love to hear from you if this stops you from applying to follow this course.
Is this course only available as distance learning?
If there were enough people willing to travel to taught lessons then this is entirely possible to arrange, however, it would incur additional cost. Therefore, if you are interested in taught lessons please let us know and we will see if we can arrange it for specific modules
Do I have to do the full 2 years?
The Workplace Ministers course has been designed as a two-year course to meet the academic requirements for ordination as a Workplace Minister by Governance Ministries (  However, it has been designed an 8-module progressive development course, so it is possible to stop if circumstances change. take a break or complete it over a longer period.
What do I need to do if I would like to know about the Workplace Minister course?

Keith Tripp is heading up this course so you can e-mail him,,  or telephone him on 07825 527735 and he will be happy to give you more information.