Who are we?

The Online Leadership Academy (OLA) is a not for profit, community interest company, that was set up to provide interactive, biblically-based discipleship and leadership development learning solutions for individuals and organisations.  Our interventions are both practical and experiential in nature. 

What do we do?

Our aim is to support spiritual growth and build leadership capacity for both kingdom-focused individuals and organisations committed to making a positive difference, and our vision is to see people actively discovering their God-given purpose and using their God-give Spiritual Gifts to make a positive social impact in the workplace, in communities and in our world.

In essence, at the academy, we aim to do three main things:

Support people to discover purpose and develop leadership potential, empowering them to make a social impact in the lives of those round them, including disadvantaged and marginalised people in their communities and beyond.  

Provide easily-accessible, interactive, experiential eLearning and development opportunities, with encouragement for individuals to share their learning within our learning community or trusted friends.  

Bridge the gap between desire, and real opportunities to get involved in social action project.  This could be with us on the projects we are engaged in, volunteer opportunities with the not for profit organisations and charities we work, support or network with, or through collaborative efforts with like-minded individuals in our community.  

How did we get here?

Our flagship programme, the Gifted for Action™ Experience, is founded on over three years’ experience of delivering content from 10 weekend seminars, which were under our banner of Christian Leadership Ministries that provided training in more traditional, face to face, training room-based environments.

We have captured the interactive spirit and participative nature of the weekend seminar experience and reproduced this within our blended eLearning delivery processes.

What prompted our approach?

Current research characterises many benefits of digital learning over traditional ‘classroom’ methods, including:

  • speed of delivery;
  • increased learner retention;
  • boost to productivity; and
  • ease of introducing new products and services that add value to the learning process

An increasing number of individuals, organisations and institutions are turning to eLearning as they recognise its effectiveness and convenience.

Is God reflected in all aspects of your life, work and church?

Just as there is more to life than work, we believe that there’s more to being a Christian believer than just worship, fellowship and attending a ‘particular’ church.  God has given each of us 7 days a week to ‘do’ life, which includes work, Christian fellowship, family, fun, relaxation, recuperation, and the Bible tells us that God wants an opportunity to influence and support us across all aspects of our lives. 

Most people spend a large proportion of their week in the world of work, either as an entrepreneur, business leader, manager or employee.  In the UK employees, on average, spend 34.5 hours a week at work which; adds up to cc. 1,795 hours a year; and 84,265 hours over a lifetime.  According to research by call handling firm Penelope, micro-business owners work, on average, 52 hours a week, some 63% longer than the average worker.

With so much time being spent in the work environment, if you are happy, content and satisfied with what you do with that part of your life, the chances are:

  • You’ll be more motivated to achieve more as well as having more energy to develop yourself within your career;
  • Your enthusiasm for your work will be reflected in how you deal with your customers or clients and your happiness can lead to greater productivity than people who are not enthusiastic about their work;
  • Enjoying your work will help improve your overall well-being by reducing blood pressure, headaches, and the stress symptoms that become apparent when someone doesn’t enjoy the work they do;
  • When you are doing work that you love, you are more likely to feel more energetic and enjoy time with friends and family.  People will tend to want to be around you because of your positive attitude and happy disposition; and
  • Doing what you love not only improves mental health, but it provides a sense of meaning and purpose, which is also associated with psychological well-being.

Why the Online Leadership Academy & Why now?

Finding your God-given purpose and calling can guide your life decisions, influence your behaviour, shaper your goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning.  For many people, purpose is connected to vocation—meaningful satisfying work.  We want to encourage people to find the passion in whatever they do.   Whatever it is that you do for a living, we want to help you to live the work-life you love and see your work as part of your vocation in life, and not just a job! 

To find out more about the Online Leadership Academy, please visit our About page or check out our Gifted for Action programme.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’d be delighted to help.

In the meantime

Stay blessed.

Oenca Fontaine

Online Leadership Academy

Creator of Gifted for Action™

Author, Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Consultant